7/24 Technical Service

Our 3-pass heating system, cylindrical thermal-oil boilers which we offer to the market with UYGAR brand are designed to be used with liquid and gaseous fuels taking into consideration the characteristics of gas fuels like Natural Gas and LPG and liquid fuels such as Motor and Fuel Oil.

Our Thermal-Oil Heaters;

  • Type,
  • Capacity,
  • Type and characteristics of the fuel to be used,
  • Required heating surface,
  • Properties of thermal oil to be used,
  • The number of serpentines according to the amount of fluid to be circulated,
  • Flue gas flow,
  • The difference of hot oil inlet-outlet temperature,
  • The heat load of the furnace,

After the calculations are made taking into consideration many parameters such as those above, they are projected in the computer environment.

UYGAR hot oil boilers are high efficiency because they have three pass heating system. In accordance with the applied construction criteria, the thermal inertia of the hot oil boiler is minimized and the combustion and heat transfer efficiency is maximized.

UYGAR ENDÜSTRİ "which we produce as UYGAR incinerated oil boilers are used in accordance with EN 10028 norm. Hot oil circulation pipes are manufactured from St 35.8 quality seamless steel drawn pipes in accordance with DIN 2448 and 17175 norms. Circulation pipes are manufactured so that they do not allow by-pass of the flue gas without shrinkage and condensation.

Thermal oil heater outer shell is insulated with galvanized aluminum or stainless steel sheet on suitable thickness of rock wool. In order to protect the parts affected by the flame, a suitable form of refractory material is placed in the boiler.

Our company integrates the necessary control and automation equipment (temperature, pressure, flow control) in the system against all kinds of failures that may occur in order to reduce the risk to a minimum level.

According to our customers' wishes and conditions of their boiler rooms, our company manufactures UYGAR Hot oil boilers horizontally and vertically.